Welcome to Kids at Sea

The staff at Kids at Sea are fully experienced Cruise Consultants with a passion to get families cruising the seas of the world. Let them share with you their personal experiences taking their families and extended family on a range of cruise lines. Create lasting memories on all-inclusive, family-friendly voyages. Your youngest family members will enjoy late-night dance parties, destination-focused scavenger hunts and more on cruises throughout the exotic Mexican Riviera, enchanting Caribbean, or beautiful Mediterranean, home to treasured UNESCO World Heritage sites in Jerusalem and Malta.


Managing Director Michelle Hartland (45) shares a few thoughts on why she is so passionate about families cruising!


Being a parent is hard work! The daily routine, school runs, the dance runs, basketball, work and trying to be super mum. Cruising takes away all those stresses and lets our whole family relax unlike any other style of holiday.

There as so many reasons why I love to cruise with my family and I want other families to experience all the wonderful things a cruise holiday offers. Some of my greatest memories are watching my children enjoy quality time with their grandparents and extended families, watching my husband rock climb with the kids or cooking and cake decorating classes as a family. It is so nice to get dressed up and go out to a nice meal as a family by taking the lift two floors down. From Cheesy Mac to Lobster everyone’s tastes are covered in one restaurant.

I love watching my kids interact with other children from all over the world, figuring out how they will communicate as sometimes the language barrier can be quite interesting. If routine is important to make mummies day a little easier the friendly staff work around you, nothing is a problem. For families, safety is so important when travelling overseas and it is comforting to know that there is a Doctor on board 24 hours a day, all the food and water on board is safe to consume and that the experienced staff are fully trained in keeping everyone on board safe.

The opportunity to visit so many different destinations in one holiday but still return to the safety of your cruise ship is a big bonus for families. Cruises provide the perfect opportunity to celebrate the big things in your life from weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries, the big birthdays and even graduation celebrations. I guarantee once you take your first family cruise, on the right ship for your family, you will fall in love with it the way we have. Words can’t describe how value packed, stress-free and rejuvenating a cruise holiday can be.